YOUR CONSULTANT IS Courtney Saunders

My Story

I have always loved candles for their fresh scent. However, the hazard of an open flame has always concerned me. There have been too many times that I have forgotten to blow them out when leaving the house or going to bed. Add in the rambunctious fur babies that we have bumping into tables and you are almost certain to have an accident. Then I was introduced to Scentsy and has it changed my way of thinking. There is no flame to worry about and the aroma lasts so much longer in my opinion. Plus, it is quick and easy to change scents whenever you want so there is no need to be stuck with one scent until its all gone. So how about it? Will you join me in the switch from traditional burning candles to wickless scents by Scentsy? Take a look through the catalog for new aromas and designs for the Spring. I hope you are able to enjoy Scentsy as much as my family does!